LALGS Mailing List

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 The Lafayette Genealogical Society maintains a Mailing List titled LALGS and hosted by .  The intent of this list is to provide Announcements and Information to society members and individuals who are interested in the society.  Anyone may join this mailing list by contacting me at .

If you are a member of this mailing list and receive an email from the list PLEASE DO NOT RESPOND to this email unless your response would be of interest to the entire group. The way the mailing list is designed a response of any kind to the email from the mailing list will go out to all 140 members of the list.  This holds true even if you respond to the email and select the respond to sender function. A large number of these people are not interested in your response if it was only meant for the sender.  Should you want to respond to the sender of the email PLEASE send a separate email directly to the original sender.  Should you want the email address of the sender you can contact me at my email address listed above.